Jenn Goble

Work Examples

Note: Some of these samples were developed for and put into production for companies, and may have identifying information removed.

Digital Sales Marketing Email

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    When I came to this company, their email templates were out-of-date, busy, and didn't translate well to mobile. Added considerations were that HTML email builds were frequently built by designers with little coding experience, and that occasionally there was a need to move sections around for special messaging.

    My solution was to create a modular table structure: rather than everything in one huge table, each section is it's own table and can easily be moved around without breaking the email. I also bumped up the font-size, added more white space, and moved the company from using image buttons to html buttons, which work even when the user has images off.

Shipping Confirmation Triggered Email

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    When the company I worked for transitioned from one email service provider to another, I took it as an opportunity to rewrite all of the transactional email templates to make them modern, easier to read, and mobile-friendly. This is a small sample of that work.

    Rewriting these templates required not only understanding best practices for HTML email, but also involved quickly learning the programming language for Responsys that allowed looping data to be fed into the email.